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Just the Beginning

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Rene Fresh is a hip hop artist out of Tucson, Arizona determined to take his music to great heights. His humble beginnings nurtured his hustle driven mindset to always improve and progress to the point where putting words together is second nature. Fresh has hit the ground running with one of his most recent releases, “King Tuc” working alongside John Suru of Lazy Ape Studios. He has been hard at work in the studio dedicating late night hours to producing the best quality mixes. Fresh credits his appeal to his ability to adapt to any style of music and do so with dangerous force and sharp technique. Rene Fresh possesses his own unique sound, and is capable of emulating any style of rap to show his versatility. As an artist, Rene Fresh has devoted a substantial amount of time to mastering his craft and getting his music known.

Fresh got his start in high school when he took interest in battle rapping. He always strived to be quick-witted with a rebuttal to show that despite his young age, he is a force to be reckoned with. With this, he acquired a diverse flow and continued to evolve his music through his creative process. Fresh has spent time in many cities across the U.S. to broaden the reach of his music and experience music culture. Whether on a bus or in the midst of a dead sleep Rene Fresh agrees that inspiration sparks at anytime. Fresh is putting forth tremendous effort and time to keep the work flowing, from upcoming releases to shooting music videos to assembling tour dates, there is much to expect from these artistic brothers in the near future. Rene Fresh is different than most artists because he is not concerned with fame. He is solely focused on doing what he loves most and giving people a taste of music that is carefully crafted and thought out.

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