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Rene Fresh: A Breath of Fresh Air

Rene Fresh is a growing artist that finds motivation through family, love, and music. When asked about other rappers today, Fresh says he resonates most with Big Sean. He goes further to claim that like himself, “Big Sean is consistent. You never know what to expect from him but it’s always Consistent.” He recognizes Big Sean’s knack for storytelling and commends any artist that can relay their own experiences through music because that’s what he does himself. Fresh grew an appreciation for rap when he first listened to Ludacris and to this day praises his word play and his ability to compare and contrast. Fresh has been steadily releasing a constant flow of music and in turn has been getting exceptional feedback. Considering the world today has adopted a new language in emoticons, Fresh says he has been receiving nothing but “the most high of feedback”. Not surprising however, since his latest releases including, “King Tuc”, “Nothing to prove”, and “Movies” are all definite bangers with the listeners . He is different than most rappers today and possesses a very distinct sound. 

Rene Fresh is a breath of fresh air. He is bringing raw and unfiltered realness back to Hip Hop. Regarding his musical process Fresh states, “I don’t follow trends, I don’t set trends. I listen to a beat and whatever comes, I put down. I put all feeling and everything into my music, not just what sounds cool.” Fresh is able to adapt to any style of beat with his witty complex style. He separates himself from other artists’ by pointing out that a variety of artists’ are missing the “substance and fashion” that was once present in some of Hip-Hop’s greatest eras. Fresh thinks that, “some music today isn’t even rap. I don’t see the time or effort.” He feels that staying true to yourself, even in different environments, and staying humble is what makes an artist truly great. Fresh believes it is important to know your own style and be aware that “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” 

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